Green Waste Removals

OnlyGreens is an affordable, reliable and eco-friendly choice to remove and responsibly dispose of any garden waste from your home or rental property.

No need to hire a skip bin. Our team operates an eco-friendly wood chipper able to handle large amounts of green waste up to 30 cubic metres. How does the service work?

  1. OnlyGreens prepares the site by getting rid of trees, shrubs and other green waste.
  2. OnlyGreens utilises a 12 inch Vermeer 80 hp wood chipper in line with all required safety regulations
  3. OnlyGreens puts your green waste through its powerful chipper and gives you the option to keep the green waste as mulch or to take it away and dispose of it for you

Woodchipping is an environmentally responsible way to recycle your green waste, enrich your own garden, save time and save money. Reliable and professional, the OnlyGreens team can help you with all your garden maintenance needs seven days a week.